Inked: My first tattoo and what I thought about it

I think I’ve wanted a tattoo for 6 years before I actually got one yesterday. It hasn’t been an easy decision and there was a lot of hesitation on my part. What I can say now is that my journey towards getting it has been epic. Oh yeah, it definitely was.

Growing up in a Christian household, I never really considering I’d get a tattoo. I don’t know if it was because of the ideas that tattoo’s were considered like a sign that I’d be in a gang or that it looks dirty on the skin or maybe that it’s not biblical. 6 years ago I decided I wanted one, and yesterday I finally got my first tattoo.

I was sooooo excited. It was a mix of apprehension over the pain ( I thought I had low pain tolerance) and excitement over the design and the actual experience of getting it. I also decided that my first tattoo (yes, I want to get a few more) would be a bookish one to pay homage to my passion. I had 2 bookish tattoo designs I saved that I knew I wanted to put on each of my forearms.

So the first one is the symbol of the Night Court from the series A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I also wanted to have one of the quotes around it.

To the Stars who Listen and
the Dreams that are Answered

The second design is Sarai’s moth from Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. I’ve also been looking for a tattoo design of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo that I can add to my list of tattoos I want done. I also have 2 more non-bookish designs I do plan to have done.

So I picked the ACOTAR tattoo design to go first because I seriously did not know how I’d react to the pain of getting the tattoo. I was thinking lines wouldn’t be so bad. Right? LOL. I was expecting the worst or that I couldn’t go through with it.

When the stencil was put in I knew I couldn’t back out of this anymore. It looked so good already and this was just the base the artist would follow. I actually asked him to do a test run on one line to see if I could handle it and it wasn’t really painful. It just felt like someone was scratching my skin really hard.

After the first few lines I wasn’t really bothered by it anymore. I was just talking to the artist like we were just out getting coffee. LOL. Now I know why they say getting a tattoo is addicting. It was so fascinating watching the artist do his work and the needle leaving ink on my skin.

The finished tattoo design was awesome! I didn’t know it could look this pretty on me and I’m so happy I pushed through with getting it. Now I want more an I’m already planning and saving up for the moth tattoo for my other arm. Hihi.

After getting my first tattoo I’ve come to the realization that they are an entirely different way to express myself. It’s not evil or even dirty on the skin. I feel more myself now that I have it. I know people will still judge me for it but I don’t really care. I’m happy that I overcame my fear, felt the pain (slightly), and took the risk.

That’s one thing checked off on my bucket list.

Do you have a tattoo, bookish or otherwise? How did you feel about getting your first one? You don’t have a tattoo but want to get one? What are your thoughts about it? I’d love to hear about your experiences too.

22 thoughts on “Inked: My first tattoo and what I thought about it

  1. Oh love those tattoos. 😍😍 I really want a tattoo but I’m unable to get one because my skin is way too sensitive and I’m prone to infections, the tattoo artist said it would be too risky 😭


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