Mid Year Life Update 2020

Oh, I am soooo back.

I might be a month late in doing a Mid Year life update but with all that’s going on – Pandemic, my laptop dying, going back to work (like really going to the office), and so much more, I’ll let this slide. Good thing I was able to buy a second hand laptop I could use to blog. Didn’t even matter that it’s probably a 10 year old laptop. As long as it works, I’m good.

So what have I been up to recently?


At the end of May, I officially went back to work after 10 weeks of lock down. The term “New Normal” at work means masks are constantly worn, multi directional arrows are in place to enforce social distancing, a new team, and a new and totally different line of work (back office instead of taking in phone calls). Getting to work is via shuttle service, we have to get through health screening and bio zone tent even before we can get in the building, desks spaces are now a desk apart and they have acrylic barriers to boot. Check out our team theme day pictures. The photo on the right was when we celebrated pride month in June.

READING et al.

After I finished Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas I kinda went back into a reading/life slump. My anxiety and depression was at it’s worst it was so difficult to keep my head in the book I was reading. I had to find something else I could do to help me cope. That’s when I restarted bullet journaling again. I started out with a grid notebook, a gel pen, a pencil, and color pencils and I’ve almost filled this notebook up. To think It’s only almost the last week of July. Bullet journaling has helped me ground myself and it’s where I pour out all the stuff inside my head.

Equal parts day planner, diary, and written meditation, bullet journaling turns the chaos of coordinating your life into a streamlined system that helps you be more productive and reach your personal and professional goals.

Good Housekeeping

Bullet journaling goes beyond organizing and doing my own planner and to-do list. It’s a life saver. I can do whatever I want and just pour all the chaos on the pages. I have a few more pages on this Journal before I start or continue onto a new one, aaaaand I might also have already started on my 2012 journal too. 😁

Other Life Updates

Me and 2 of my closest friends started an online shop! The three of us have always gone gaga over kdramas so why not make money off what we love to do? That’s when Nunchi was born.

Having friends who like Kdrama and who are also foodies results in a shop where we sell Korean food. The same as what we usually see when we watch our dramas – Instant Ramyun, flavored milk, and other snacks. You can check out or page on Facebook.


I had my hair cut today. My hair grew really long during the last 6 months and it felt like it was adding on to the heaviness on my head. So as of today I have short hair again.

I couldn’t believe that the “expensive” glasses I bought last year broke already. It only last me exactly one year, and now I had to get new ones.

I already had these backup frames just in case something happened so all I did earlier was get my eyes checked to see if my grade changed. My glasses with its new lenses will be delivered some time next week. For now I use my new contact lenses.

There you have it. That’s what I’ve been doing so far in the last 2 months or so on top of my usual Asian Drama Binge. I’ll do a catch up post on the dramas I’ve seen since my last drama post before my other laptop died.

What have you been up to? I’d love to hear from you guys.

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