Book Review | The STAR Academy Trilogy by Emilia Zeeland

Never look back with regret. Never. Even when the right choice comes at a great cost. Sometimes you have to fight so that others don’t have to; you bear the consequences of imperfect choices, because someone has to.

– Stanley, The STAR Academy

Yalena Russo, your STAR Academy invitation has arrived.

Unlike other teenagers across the near worlds, Yalena is happy to stay Earth-bound. But her carefully planned life gets disrupted when two mysterious strangers offer her an invite she can’t refuse.

Because of an apparently unique talent, Yalena gets pulled into a conspiracy much bigger than herself. And if the commander’s son Eric is to be trusted, the STAR Academy freshmen are the only ones who can save the heroes of another time.

That is, if they dare to break all the rules…

The STAR Academy series is a young adult science fiction adventure with intriguing mysteries and plenty of twists and turns. Join this elite, though not always agreeable, new squad as they chase the answers to dangerous questions and often get more than they bargained for in the process.

Thank the stars they have each other!

With a cast of characters to fall in love with and shocking revelations at every turn, The STAR Academy trilogy is a perfect fit for fans of Aurora Rising, Illuminae and The 100.


Emilia Zeeland is a Young Adult sci-fi writer and author of The STAR Academy Series. Even though she holds an international business degree and two Masters, Zeeland’s heart is full of love for speculative fiction. Her own stories include coming-of-age tales, detailed worlds, unimaginable consequences, deep friendships, and romances that sneak up on you. She’s not afraid to push her characters to their limits and give them a depth that firmly plants them in readers’ hearts. In Zeeland’s writing, readers will be transported to another world, where they are not alone, but part of a tightly-knit, perfectly imperfect family. Behind the Emilia Zeeland pseudonym, Em (as her friends call her) speaks six languages, loves to try on—and, sadly, also buy—dresses, and is a bit of a foodie. She mostly dwells in Barcelona, Spain, but with those cheap flights, she often hops off to other places in Europe to visit her family. 


I can’t believe it’s been a couple of crazy months since the last time I did a post. I’ve been un-motivated to read anything. But then I came across this author who was offering her work on a Facebook group I’m a member off to have a go with her work. I was intrigued because it was science fiction. I’ve always been a sucker for stories set in space and way into the future. I finished the Trilogy is 4 days. If I didn’t have to sleep because of work I would have finished much faster.

Stories set in space kinda have this theme and most writers actually almost always revolve around it and this series wasn’t an exception – we have a mysterious heroine who wants to take on deadly missions into the unknown universe while trying to find out the secrets of her birth and then there are the weird characters that could either be friends or enemies or both. This series had so many ideas in it that I would have loved for each book to have been a little bit longer or maybe instead of a trilogy it could become a saga or some sort. The ideas the author combined were of course space travel, the destruction of Earth and the migration of Humanity into space to look for a new Earth, cloning, etc. And then there were the surprising aspects, the themes that made this series relatable and tear jerking – themes about family, relationships, choices in life, and the victories and failures humanity has done that marked who we are in universe.

This series began with a YA feel but ended up becoming more NA. The characters started out as older teens getting in a space academy more akin to college than a high school. They were each chosen and invited for something unique about them. The main protagonist Yalena didn’t think there was anything special about her except she made the news when she was found abandoned as a baby in space. fast forward 18 years and she is an Earthling who meets and befriends new classmates from Mars and the Moon. Each character she interacted with had something that might have been in common with her or their lives were changed because of her. even the deaths of minor characters were felt because of how genuine her emotions were. I was surprised that I was also moved in some parts of this book that I was actually crying.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This series reminded me so much of the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. I grew up watching the shows and movies and they might have started my love for science fiction. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars just because I feel like there was a lot more that could have been explored in this series.

With so much stuff going on at work as well as me doing Bullet journaling and also binge watching Asian dramas I actually missed reading and it showed when I devoured this series. I guess I know what to do know to split my time doing all the things I love (including getting back into blogging).

How has everyone been so far? Has this pandemic changed your reading habits? has reading helped keep you sane?

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