Mid Year Life Update 2020

Oh, I am soooo back. I might be a month late in doing a Mid Year life update but with all that's going on - Pandemic, my laptop dying, going back to work (like really going to the office), and so much more, I'll let this slide. Good thing I was able to buy a … Continue reading Mid Year Life Update 2020

Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

The most obvious sign I'm a book lover is my book blog. I may have already crossed into the land of book obsession at this point as I have been reading since I learned how to read at age 4. 🤣 Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

Definitely Not Just Another Book Blog

As I was deciding on the next post to write I realized that my blog just celebrated it's second blogversary a few days ago (March 27th). And I totally forgot about it! For those who I haven't told this to yet. I have actually been blogging for the past 10 years or so. Mostly I … Continue reading Definitely Not Just Another Book Blog

#MeetMeMarch – The Friendship Profile Challenge

And now we are finally on the fourth and final post in the #MeetMeMarch Challenge. Have you followed my posts so far? Did you enjoy the wacky answers I gave? Were you able to make friends just as I did? For the final challenge, the creators focused on creating a "friendship" profile. It's like a … Continue reading #MeetMeMarch – The Friendship Profile Challenge

#MeetMeMarch – The This or That Challenge

How is everybody doing?? I've been back to work for three days now and so far so good I'm enjoying the new atmosphere. For the Third challenge of the #MeetMeMarch Meme, we have to choose between extremes. This looks challenging. Let's see how I fare, shall we? RULES tag the creators @bookprincessreviewsshare one thing you … Continue reading #MeetMeMarch – The This or That Challenge