Stay at Home Book Tag

It's been a while since the last time I did a book tag and I haven't seen one appropriate for the quarantine most of the world is experiencing right now. On one of my very few forays into Book Twitter I saw a post by Adele of Dellybird where she was asking who I wanted … Continue reading Stay at Home Book Tag

Autumn Book Tag: Are You ready for Sweater Weather?

We joke about our weather here in my country and we say that we have four seasons too - dry and dryer, then wet and wetter. (I know it's 🌽) To my readers who live in countries that actually have four seasons, living in a tropical country would be heaven - warm year round with … Continue reading Autumn Book Tag: Are You ready for Sweater Weather?

Am I addicted to Books? [Book Tag]

Straight answer is YES but since there is a book tag then I'm doing that too. It's book tag so, y'know. I saw this tag done by Kate of Reading Through Infinity. Check out her blog and check out my answers below! 1.What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking … Continue reading Am I addicted to Books? [Book Tag]