Review Request


Tales Past Midnight is OPEN to requests to read Advanced Readers Copies (ARCs) and published books for review consideration from publicists, authors, agents, etc. You may contact me via DM (Direct Message) through social media – Twitter or Instagram

Please keep in mind the following:

  • I would love to be contacted by publishers and authors about books. Please bear in mind though that this blog is a passion of mine that is currently taking a back seat to a full time job. I usually post at least 2 articles every weekend, if schedule permits.
  • I accept both hard copies and e-books for books (mostly epub as I read on Moon+Reader Pro and any format that works with my Amazon Kindle App). I am more likely to accept hard copies as I am rebuilding my book collection, but e-books are fine as well especially if they came from Netgalley or if they come only in e-book format. 
  • On that note, I am an International blogger who lives in the Philippines. If you are sending me a hard copy please allow for at least 15 days shipping time (usually from the US) for the book to get to me and at least another week or 2 for me to read the book and put up my review. So if the book is an ARC it would be best if it was sent months in advance. Also, please be aware I do not and cannot review every book I receive, and I can’t accept every review request. 
  • Please be aware that I all my reviews are 100% honest personal opinions from someone who reads for pleasure and maybe a little bit because I have a degree in literature. 
  • I will not promote books I do not like and I will send you a message if I DNF or rate your book really low.


80% of the books I read (and review) are Prose in Young Adult, 19% Middle Grade, and 1% New Adult or Adult. 

Genres I Review – Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, and sometimes, Thrillers

Genres I DON’T Review – Contemporary Fiction, Documentaries, Romance, Historical Fiction, Erotica

I am also open to be part of book tours, author interviews, and be a guest blogger. My reviews are posted in my Blog, and a little in Goodreads and Netgalley. I also post photos for Bookstagram that link back to the full review in my blog.

**Half stars may be used if needed

For questions and clarifications, please do reach out to me here.

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