Book Review | The First Demon (Cards of Death #1) by Tamara Geraeds

Caught in a magical world he never knew existed, Dante has only one choice: fight or die.

Things haven’t been easy for sixteen-year-old Dante Banner. Abandoned by his father, he has been dealing with his mother’s unexplained fits on his own. He has always coped. Until now.

After he inherits a haunted house, a pair of demonic cards appears on his doorstep. A mysterious voice urges him to ‘save him or all will be lost’. His search for the meaning of those words just begins when things spin out of control. Demons are coming to kill him and the ghosts residing in the home can only protect him so much. He has to do what the voice tells him, or he will lose everyone he cares about.

But danger lurks around every corner. Even those closest to him can’t be trusted. Will he be able to fight off the monsters trying to stop him, or perish along with the rest of humanity?

A gripping novel for fans of Supernatural, Charmed and Anna Dressed in Blood. 


Tamara Geraeds was born in 1981, in a small village in the south of The Netherlands.
When she was 6 years old, she wrote her first poem, which basically translates as:

A hug for you and a hug for me
and that’s how life should be

She started writing books at the age of 15 and her first book was published in 2012. After 6 books in Dutch she decided to write a young adult fantasy series in English: Cards of Death.

Tamara’s bibliography consists of books for children, young adults and adults, and can be placed under fantasy and thrillers. Besides writing she runs her own business, in which she teaches English, Dutch and writing, (re)writes texts and edits books. She’s been playing badminton for over 20 years and met the love of her life Frans on the court. She loves going out for dinner, watching movies, and of course reading, writing and hugging her husband. She’s crazy about sushi and Indian curries, and her favorite color is red.


I received this book directly from the author through YA Book Stop (YABS) in Facebook in exchange for review and has not in anyway influenced my honest opinion.

The first few pages of this book didn’t read well for me. Too little background to go on for the main character Dante and his friends. Dante suddenly inherits an old house which is literally haunted by ghosts, then we get the “Harry, yer a Wizard!” line. It was also weird to read the parts where his mother is supposed to have been having weird episodes. After that the weirdness takes on it’s own life. A sentient being send Dante a letter and his task is to save someone or else the world will end which apparently what his dad was doing as well before he left them.

Dante then get’s into all sorts of scrapes with his ghost shield, sudden;y his mom didn’t have her “fits” anymore, and she finds out a couple of his friends might be like him. Dante also has this possible weird romance thing with one of his Ghosts.

Overall, it was an entertaining enough read but I was not that entertained enough to want to read the next books in the series. It’s needs a lot of work in the plot coherence and balance.

Rating: ⭐⭐

Have you ever read a ‘meh’ book before? Did you post a review about it? What do you think of books that didn’t meet your expectations for the genre and demographic they were made for?

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